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  • MostFun Dracula Twins - Unlimited Play  v.1Cast spells, collect treasures, and defeat immortal enemies as you attempt to save your captive father from the evil clutches of Dr. Lifelust. Work your way through more than 40 levels as you jump, dive, and duck your way through mystical lands.
  • Magus: In Search of Adventure  v.1.0Magus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun. Through three beautiful game worlds and 90 challenging levels, you must help him collect treasure, cast spells and outsmart the enemies standing in his way!
  • Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand  v.1.0.3Ambrosia Ferazel's Wand 1.0.3 is an iteresting game in which Ferazel's Wand puts you inside the cloak of Ferazel, the last of the free habnabits. Jump, cast spells, and travel to the reaches of Teraknorn, enhancing your skill and learning new spells ...
  • Ferazels Wand  v.1.0.3Ferazels Wand - the most colossal game from Ambrosia to date - puts you inside the cloak of Ferazel. Jump, cast spells, and travel to the reaches of Teraknorn in this side-scrolling action game, enhancing your skill and learning new spells along ...
  • Nile RPG  v.1.0Nile is an RPG game based around an Ancient Egyptian theme. Characters will be able to improve many different skills, trade with each other and cast spells amongst other things. Emphasis will be placed on player interaction.
  • Demon Kingdom  v.1.0The Demon of Gar-noth has risen. The whole land is in danger! You bravely set out to face it. You must defeat the demon and his forces. *** In the side-scrolling arcade game you must kill monsters, collect gems, and cast spells to level ...
  • The Trouble with Robots  v.1.0The Trouble With Robots is a side-scrolling customisable card game that’s easy to pick up and offers plenty of strategic fun! Build decks, summon allies and cast spells to defeat legions of robots. Collect exciting new cards.
  • The Enchanting Islands  v.1.0Collect elements, cast spells and defeat ferocious guardians in your quest to return life to a fairy-tale realm!
  • Gladiator Manager  v.1.1Gladiator Manager is a mix of strategy, role-playing and manager games. You manage team of gladiators in a world of sword and sorcery. You hire gladiators and equip them with weapons, armours and spells and command them in battle. 1-4 players.
  • Magic Match Adventures  v.1Magic Match Adventures 1 is considered as a great game which takes the incredibly addictive and unique magic match game play and pairs it with a unique simulation in which each match you create will not only give you special powers and magic spells, ...
  • Spell Tab  v.1.1Browse tabs easily!
  • Guardians of Magic - Amanda's Awakening  v.1.0Open your eyes to a wondrous world in Guardians of Magic - Amanda's Awakening, a spectacular adventure of science and spellcasting.
  • Aveyond Double Pack  v.1.0Experience an epic battle between good and evil with the Aveyond Double Pack ...
  • Spellcaster  v.1.100-0Spellcaster puts you in the robes of an aspiring sorcerer. Form words of power on your rune board to dispel the forces of darkness. Use a wide variety of magical tokens and cast spells to help advance your cause against the dark forces.
  • YoudaFairy  v.1.0The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch.
  • Arcus Odyssey  v.1.0This is a Gauntlet-like game with lots of action and magic. You begin the most difficult journey of your life: the quest for the Sword of Light. Choose from four different noble warriors, each with unique abilities and attributes.
  • Magus - In search of adventureMagus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun. One day, he journeys into an enchanted wood and sees glittering jewels scattered everywhere! Bedazzled, he begins scooping up the priceless gems. Suddenly, he stumbles upon a ...
  • Triangle Wizard  v.10.02Triangle Wizard is a free hack 'n slash game featuring retro graphics and a wealth of content. You are a wizard (of a selectable profession, e.g. Necromancer, Shadow Adept, Sunmage, etc.) and need to travel through 100+ dungeon levels and many ...
  • Myth War II Online Client  v. war among the Gods had become a pivotal episode in history and left the living world in chaos.
  • Deadtime Stories  v.1.0Sinister thrills await in this gorgeously dark and unsettling telling of a real-life ghost story from New Orleansd-deOao shadowy history.
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